Streamlined Grant Management for K‑12 Funding

LINQ eGrants Automates the Grant Lifecycle

LINQ eGrants automates the entire grant lifecycle. An intuitive solution that improves accuracy, uses less paper, and reduces administrative burden. 

Automated Education Grants Lifecycle Management 

Learn how LINQ eGrants improve SEA and school district efficiencies by automating the entire grant lifecycle. 


Automate Education Grants 

LINQ eGrants improves the entire process of managing education grants, from planning and budgeting to payment processing and reporting.  

Application & Budgeting

LINQ eGrants offers SEAs the flexibility to process groups of grants in a consolidated application or as a single grant. The application process includes budgeting, program activities, and document upload. 

Payment Processing

Once the grant application receives initial approval, the local education agency may start requesting payments through LINQ eGrants’ automated fund request process, ensuring expenditures align with the approved budget. 

Final Expenditure & Carryover

At fiscal year-end, school districts are required to complete a final expenditure report. LINQ eGrants automatically carries over unspent funds so districts receive an unspent award for the next year.  


Reports included with eGrants provide the SEA significant oversight into all areas of the grant application process, particularly the monitoring of payments and expenditure reports.  


Our monitoring tools make it easier for the SEA and LEA/school staff to regularly work together to ensure program implementation provides the most positive outcomes for students, rather than simply maintaining minimal regulatory compliance. 

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