Building Lasting Relationships, Driving Success 

LINQ’s deep expertise in K‑12 empowers our customers with valuable insights, resources, and solutions to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes. 

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Trust, knowledge, and real-world results—every step of the way 

With decades of experience in K‑12, LINQ knows how to optimize software investments, ensure successful implementation, and drive adoption. Our team believes in providing you with data and perspective to support decision-making, increase efficiency, and foster innovation in education. 

Streamlined implementation delivers value, fast 

A wealth of proven strategies, an unrivaled understanding of K‑12. Our client-centered approach quickly gets you up, running, and successful. 

Education and training that works 

From in-person sessions to online workshops, our practical instruction helps your team make the most of our technology. 

Next-level professional services 

Want more from LINQ? Dedicated expertise, guidance, and resources can further enhance user experience and maximize return on investment. 

Support you can count on 

Whether troubleshooting issues, minimizing downtime, or answering simple questions, our LINQ Support team is focused on your satisfaction. 

Ashe County District

“(LINQ) Support and Implementation were 1,000% the greatest ever.”​ 

Amanda Coldiron, Finance Officer
Ashe County Schools, NC 

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