Reporting & Compliance

Empower Data-Driven Decision Making 

Quickly access critical information, helping you track progress, identify areas for improvement, and communicate with staff and the community. 

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2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

Get our new 2023 K‑12 ERP Report with original research on the tech needs of district business professionals, including fresh insights into addressing the challenges facing districts today.


Transparency and Compliance through Accurate Reporting 

Purpose-built reporting streamlines data analysis, improves accuracy, saves time and resources, and enhances decision-making and collaboration across your district. 

Easy to use out-of-the-box 

Support easy adoption, efficient data exploration, and effective communication of insights to non-technical users with a user-friendly interface. 

Tailored reporting for your needs 

With reports built for K‑12, Identify trends, compare actual results to targets, and ensure good stewardship of district funds across locations and functions. 

Improved forecasting accuracy with data-driven insights 

Easily analyze historical trends, identify patterns, and model future scenarios to make informed predictions with centralized data. 

Takes complexity out of compliance  

Ensure regulatory requirements are met with secure access to crucial information to avoid penalties and maintain public trust and stakeholder confidence. 

Scalable power to support every need 

With our (optional) LINQ Analytics module, deliver expanded reporting functionality with additional dashboards, role-based access, workflows, custom report writer, and more. 

Knowledge and resources for optimizing your data 

Check out these helpful tools, information, and insights built for k-12 to help you make the most of your reporting.