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Nutrition Back of House  

Streamline your nutrition operations with an integrated Back of House solution that saves time while maintaining school meal program compliance.  

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Transform your nutrition operations with LINQ’s Back of House solution. 

Our integrated Back of House software is designed to help you save time, reduce costs, ensure real-time accuracy, and maintain compliance. 

Increased Accuracy & Consistency  

Rely on a system that provides accurate and consistent nutrition information across products, reducing the risk of human error. 

Streamlined Menu Planning 

Simplify menu development and planning by easily viewing nutritional information and built-in meal pattern checks 

Better Inventory Management 

Make informed decisions to improve inventory management with valuable data on ingredients and portion sizes in each dish.  

Time-Saving Item Management 

Enter an item once and then allow the system to calculate any serving size. 

Smoother Administrative Reviews 

With an integrated Back of House, enjoy a smoother Administrative Review and easily provide menu plans, inventory, and other analytics.  


A Comprehensive Back of House Solution  

Make your Back of House operations easier with a powerful set of fully integrated solutions. 

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Menu Planning 

Easily plan daily and weekly menus with built-in USDA-compliant edit checks. 

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Inventory Management 

Maintain a perpetual inventory model that syncs across all modules. 

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Production Records 

Enjoy production records that sync in real-time with your Point of Service. 

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Place orders with vendors without ever leaving your nutrition platform. 

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