Partner with the Experts in K‑12 Business Operations 

LINQ’s integrated K‑12 Business Platform is purpose-built to maximize the time, money, and potential of your K‑12 ecosystem. 

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“There’s not an unresponsive bone in any of their bodies. They’ll do what they can to make things work.” 

Devyn Daley, Director of Accounting 
Provo City School District, UT 


Designed for the unique needs of K‑12 

LINQ is the only provider of end-to-end cloud-based software supporting the business operations of K‑12 districts—from nutrition programs to finance, administration, and payments.  


Created by K‑12 experts for K‑12 professionals, we bring a wealth of experience in setting new standards of excellence. 

K‑12 Business Operations Leadership 

With 30 years in K‑12 operations, our expertise and technology enable us to be a proactive extension of your team. 

Compliance Expertise 

We help you meet compliance standards with a platform that is built for K‑12 needs. 

Integrated Platform Investment 

Bringing the core operational systems together into an integrated platform, we’re supporting a new level of digital transformation.

Commitment to Security 

Our cloud-based solutions reduce risk and improve the accuracy, reliability, and controlled access to your organization’s information. 

Maximum Data and Reporting Capabilities 

With real-time data integrations and reporting, our software gives the insights you need to make your data actionable. 

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“We ran our first payroll in July and were writing AP checks by July 13th. That was amazing. We had really anticipated we’d probably be more into August getting some things done, but now we are ready to roll.”  

Amanda Coldiron, Finance Officer
Ashe County Schools, Jefferson, NC