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Nutrition Front of House  

A complete K-12 front of house solution designed to help lunch lines move faster, improve engagement and participation, and integrate seamlessly with LINQ Nutrition Back of House.

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Suffolk Public Schools case study

“Everything just goes in the system. It’s been very refreshing for our team. That’s why we went with it. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Angela Howell, M.A.Ed, 
Nutrition Services Compliance Coordinator, Suffolk Public Schools, VA 


A Front of House that meets the needs of districts and families. 

A successful Front of House solution is more than Point of Service and application processing. Learn how LINQ’s Front of House offerings can improve your K12 nutrition operations.

Robust Connectivity for Meal Service

Deliver meals efficiently under any condition, even without internet, to ensure consistent access to nutrition for all students.

Instantaneous Application Processing Capabilities

Achieve real-time processing of meal applications, enabling quicker responses and ensuring no student misses meal benefits.

Enhanced Student Meal Experience

Elevate the school dining experience with attractive menus and digital ordering, increasing student and parent satisfaction.

Streamlined Meal Payment System

Simplify your meal payment processes with a centralized system that minimizes cashier workload and reduces error.

Elevated Family Engagement

Empower families with a convenient platform to manage meal applications and payments, simplifying daily routines


LINQ Front of House 

Manage every aspect of your Front of House operations with a range of integrated solutions.

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Point of Service  

Leverage a cloud-based system that works anywhere, anytime—no internet needed. Simplify operations with our user-friendly interface.

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Application Processing 

Efficiently manage meal applications and eligibility with automated tools and customizable reports.

LINQ Connect

Easily manage all school payments in one place! Pay for meals and fees, check menus, and submit meal applications anytime, anywhere.

Meal Payments 

Make meal payments faster to your nutrition program and ensure your children always have enough funds in their meal accounts.

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Digital Menu Boards 

Drive student meal participation with attractive, customizable digital menu displays.

Nutrition Websites Thumbnail

Nutrition Websites 

Design websites that best meet the unique needs of your school meals program.

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Online Ordering 

Optimize meal service planning with our efficient pre-order system that boosts operational effectiveness.

Boost efficiency with integrated LINQ Back of House modules

Resources to help you optimize your Front of House operations 

LINQ’s Front of House solution works with your district to address some of the lunchroom’s biggest problems.