LINQ Websites

Simply Stunning School Websites 

Experience tailor-made websites for K‑12 districts without the heavy lifting. Our partnership keeps you at the helm all while making it easy to streamline school-parent communications.  

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An integrated web platform for all your K‑12 communication needs 

Design custom school websites that are ADA-compliant with an integrated mobile app to provide instant access to the latest school and student news.   

Your Communication Command Center  

Our centralized platform and mobile app enable streamlined school-parent communications. Send calls, texts, emails, and social media posts from one place.   

A CMS Anyone Can Use  

You don’t have to be schooled in web design to create a custom school website. Our easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) means anyone can update your school’s website—yes, anyone!   

Communication from the Palm of Your Hand  

Students can open digital hall passes and IDs, while parents can see grades, assignments, and communications all from the Student and Parent App.    

Custom School Websites That Shine  

Quickly run standard reports or customize data to verify accuracy and enhance auditing and analysis.   

Employee Portal  

Empower staff with the ability to quickly complete tasks or update information.  

Keep learning with helpful resources 

Take a peek at these informational resources as you manage your district programs.