Warehouse Management (WHS)

Take Control of Your Warehouse Operations 

A fully integrated solution improves accuracy, reduces costs, and provides better service to schools through efficient, centralized tracking. 

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2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

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Transform Your Warehouse with Efficient Management and Automation Tools 

Warehouse management provides districts with numerous benefits, including efficient use of space, effective inventory management, improved accuracy, better customer service, cost savings, and increased productivity. Optimize your budget with streamlined processes and advanced technologies to achieve greater success. 

Robust record keeping 

Track information on physical assets such as cost, life expectancy, and more to meet audit, insurance, and GASB34 requirements. 

Automatic depreciation calculations 

Assess value in real-time by calculating the current year’s depreciation and aggregating the previous year’s depreciation for total visibility. 

Flexible reporting 

Understand inventory by reviewing and grouping assets by tag number, account number, category, building, and/or room. 

Inventory warehouse management 

Track inventory by centralized or distributed requisition entry, in one warehouse or across multiple locations. 

Smart spending and planning 

Check pre-encumbrance and encumbrance of orders, with accounts automatically validated at order entry time and checked for availability of funds. 

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