Empowering K‑12 to Spend Smarter

Optimize your budget, eliminate error-prone manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, reduce expenses, and focus on what matters—all with one integrated solution. 

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2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

2023 K‑12 ERP Survey Report

Get our new 2023 K‑12 ERP Report with original research on the tech needs of district business professionals, including fresh insights into addressing the challenges facing districts today.


Simple, Straightforward Purchase Management 

Take control of your procurement process. Find the best prices, approve purchase orders, monitor spend, pay vendors, and more, all in one place. 

Improved efficiency 

Handling purchases with LINQ ERP streamlines the buying process, keeping everyone on the same page and increasing speed and accuracy. 

Better vendor management 

Manage vendors, suppliers, and contracts in one central location, making tracking supplier performance and negotiating better deals easier. 

Increased visibility 

Make data-driven purchasing decisions with a better understanding of spending patterns based on real-time data and reporting capabilities.   

Improved compliance 

With centralized buying, ensure compliance with purchasing policies and complex, ever-changing regulations, reducing the risk of manual errors and costly mistakes. 

Better communication 

Enable more effective collaboration between departments and campuses, eliminating duplication of effort and delivering a stronger return on investment. 

Tips and tricks, ready for you 

Read, watch, and learn the latest insights from K‑12 finance, purchasing, and procurement leaders to support smart spending on K‑12 finance, purchasing, and procurement.