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Centralize Your Child Nutrition Programs 

Streamline your child nutrition program administration within a single platform. 

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LINQ S-EBT Meal Applications

Simplify Summer EBT application collection, processing, and fulfillment with a standardized form and automated workflow. By streamlining the process, LINQ helps ensure delivery of Summer EBT benefits while minimizing administrative burden.


Operate and manage state child nutrition and food distribution programs with ease 

We help you effectively administer your federally funded programs. 

School Nutrition Programs Thumbnail

School Nutrition Programs 

Handle applications, claims, and administrative reviews from a single location with key integrations to your agency’s reimbursement system. 

Summer Food Service Programs Thumbnail

Summer Food Service Programs 

Easily manage sponsors operating any summer program and provide them with the tools to streamline their operations while maintaining program integrity.  

Child and Adult Care Food Programs Thumbnail

Child and Adult Care Food Programs 

Administer and manage Child and Adult Care Food Programs for both day care homes and sponsoring organizations, from application to review.  

Food Distribution Programs Thumbnail

Food Distribution Programs 

From forecasts to ordering to processing, state agencies and recipient agencies can simplify their management of food distribution programs. 

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LINQ Data Analytics  

Gain greater insights into your child nutrition programs with a robust analytics system that allows your state agency to probe all aspects of your child nutrition operations.  

LINQ eGrants

Automate the entire grants lifecycle with an intuitive solution that improves accuracy and reduces administrative burden. From planning and budgeting to payment processing and reporting, LINQ simplifies grant management.


Child Nutrition Programs  

LINQ’s state nutrition solutions cover all parts of your NSLP, CACFP, and SFSP operations.  


Manage and approve School Food Authority (SFA) applications each year and maintain state-level oversight across SFAs 

Claims for Reimbursements 

Allow sponsors to submit, modify, and recall claims for reimbursement and connect to your state system to expedite payments 

Compliance Reviews  

Assign and conduct administrative reviews and assign technical assistance, findings, and recommendations within a single location 


Generate required reporting for the USDA at any time and view state-level information to maintain program integrity 


Track claims, process advances, and reconcile across your system to ensure that program funds are managed appropriately