LINQ Payments

Accept School Fee & Student Meal Payments with LINQ Connect

Simplify school fee and student meal payments for your district’s families with LINQ’s fast, easy-to-use, and secure online payment platform.

LINQ Payments
Suffolk Public Schools case study

“We’re still growing our à la carte sales, but schools already generate as much as an additional $2,500 in a single month.”

Angela Howell, M.A.Ed
Nutrition Services Compliance Coordinator
Suffolk Public Schools, VA


Reduce Lunch Meal Debt 

Automate low-balance alerts through email, text, and mobile push notifications. Give parents and guardians the convenience of making meal payments and paying school fees online or with their mobile device. 

Go Cashless for All Meal Payments and School Fees 

Offer families the ability to load their student meal accounts and pay school fees safely online, eliminating the need for managing cash or checks.  

Integrate POS with Current Meal Balances 

Drive down school meal debt and move your students through the lunch line with our fully integrated and real-time district Point of Service system. 

Secure Information and Data 

Rest assured your financial and student data are safe. Adhering to the highest level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), you can give your district, schools, and families peace of mind knowing their information is protected. 

Make Payments Simple and Convenient 

Make meal and school-related fee payments easy with a single portal for families to pay for multiple students. From after-school care to athletics, field trips to event tickets, any school- or district-level fee can be paid online or on any mobile device.   

Features and Benefits

LINQ Connect Makes Payments Convenient 

Allow your parents and guardians to load funds to pay school fees and their student’s meal account when convenient, with online and mobile app options.

Online and Mobile App

LINQ Connect Login Screen

Families can add one-time or recurring funds to pay school fees and their student(s) meal accounts all from a single portal— online or with the LINQ mobile app.

School Fee and Invoice Payments

School fee and invoice payments

Collect any school-related fees faster. From after-school care to athletics, field trips to event tickets, our online payment platform accommodates fees at the district and school levels.

Real-time Integration with Point of Sale & ERP

Drive down school meal debt and move your students through the lunch line with our fully integrated and powerful Point of Service system. 

Online Forms, Meal Application and More

Free & Reduced Meal Application

Reduce administrative time spent and speed up eligibility confirmations and notifications for your district families completing meal applications online. Our automated verification controls create a smoother process, ensuring compliance and information accuracy.

Online Menus

Online meal planning

Plan meals ahead with confidence. Families can view daily, weekly, and monthly menus online, allowing them to monitor the recipes for ingredients and nutrients in the case of dietary or allergen restrictions and their child’s preferences.

Auto Pay

Auto Pay

Setting up Auto Pay saves families time and eliminates the hassle of managing weekly meal account payments. With Auto Pay, parents can ensure their child’s meal account is always funded, giving them peace of mind and more time for what truly matters. 



Parents benefit from push notifications for instant alerts for low-balance warnings, assigned fees, and more, ensuring they never miss important updates. Additionally, districts can communicate crucial information directly to parents, keeping everyone in the loop and enhancing overall communication.

Donations and Fundraising

Donating and Fundraising

Our app allows for simple and secure acceptance of donations, making it easier than ever for parents and community members to contribute. Support your schools effortlessly and help fund essential programs and initiatives directly through the app.

Advanced Security

Multi Factor Authentication

LINQ Connect now includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an extra layer of protection for accounts. MFA ensures that sensitive information is secure, giving parents confidence that their family’s data is safe and accessible only to them.