A Food Distribution Program Solution for States and Districts 

Streamline state and district operations with LINQ’s Food Distribution Program with key integrations across systems. Maximize your Planned Assistance Level usage and reduce child nutrition program costs. 

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Make the most of FDP 

Maximize the efficiency of your programs and PAL usage with these benefits.  

Flexible Survey Design 

Design preference, USDA regular foods, processed and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program surveys with flexibilities around dates, eligible recipient agencies, and items 

Improved Forecasting  

Recipient agencies can improve forecasting with key integrations across LINQ’s Menu Planning, Production Records, and Inventory solutions 

Maximum Planned Assistance Level (PAL) Usage 

States can easily track PAL usage across recipient agencies and adjust and reallocate as necessary 

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Participation 

Create surveys to easily divert PAL to the Department of Defense Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program and allow recipient agencies to transfer PAL at any point in the program year 

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