Production Records

K‑12 Nutrition Production Records  

Take advantage of real-time, on-demand Production Records that integrate seamlessly across Point of Service, Menu Planning, and Inventory Management.  

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The Ultimate K‑12 Nutrition Cheat Sheet to USDA Foods Availability 

Learn how effective K‑12 school lunch software can help you make the most of USDA Foods. With a comprehensive Back of House, forecasting and utilizing USDA Foods can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  


Production Records That Work with You 

Enjoy the benefits of production records that are updated in real time across your Point of Service, Menu Planning, and Inventory in your K‑12 meal programs.  

Real-Time Updates  

Production records update automatically from the Point of Service, enabling school nutrition programs to adjust as needed based on output. 

Better-Informed Menus  

System-wide integrations make it possible for K‑12 school lunch programs to use production records to inform future menus. 

Mobile Temperature Capture  

Temperature probes easily capture serving temperatures, immediately uploading the data into your production records. 

Controlled and Variable Access 

Assign security roles as needed, making production records accessible only to those with permissions, defined by site and/or menu plan.  

User-Friendly Configurations 

Customize to your K‑12 nutrition program needs, whether by site or by menu plan. 

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“My ladies love the Production Records. It used to take them over an hour to do them…with TITAN it only takes them 15 minutes!”

Lee Ann Hampton, Food Services Director
Centerpoint School District, AR