Menu Planning

Simplified School Menu Planning 

Relieve your nutrition department’s burden with a menu planning tool that makes it easy to create enticing and compliant menus.  

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K‑12 nutrition software

Doing More with K‑12 Nutrition Software 

An effective K‑12 nutrition software allows districts to do more with less. Free up time to focus on what matters—providing students with healthy meals.  


Plan menus that work with your needs 

Menu planning for K‑12 doesn’t need to be complicated. With LINQ’s Menu Planning, take the stress out of designing menus that work across palates, production records, and on-hand inventory.  

Save time with item management 

Create an item once and allow the system to calculate nutrients based on various serving sizes, saving you precious administrative time.  

Maintain meal pattern compliance 

Rely on a system that is USDA-compliant to ensure your menus meet the daily and weekly meal pattern requirements.  

Update in real time across the platform 

Display any last-minute updates to your menus in real time to digital menu boards and your family portal. 

Easily accommodate special diets  

Identify ingredients easily and develop menus that meet any special diets, denoting any allergies in the menus. 

Create student-approved menus 

With integrations to Production Records, develop school lunch menus that are sure to be a hit. 

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“I think the benefits really include the value-added services; my ability to maintain ingredients in one location for all the school districts, the ability to communicate that down to the sites. I think for the school districts, it’s the ease of having access to menus that are ready to just download and the ease of the menu planning.”

Tammie Rempe, Child Nutrition Co-Op Director
Colorado BOCES, CO

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