What this School Nutrition Director Learned by Implementing the TITAN Platform During the Pandemic

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The Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Nassau County Schools, Dr. Lauren Jones, is the first to admit that she picked a challenging time to implement a new school nutrition software solution.

“I mean, rolling out a new software during a pandemic,” said Jones. “So scary! Most of my employees wanted to kill me at first.”

And despite all the “COVID craziness”, Jones found that implementing the TITAN platform was worth the inconvenience of switching to a new solution.

“I think it’s a true testament to Titan, and how wonderful it really is as a software,” Jones said. “We’re not even a year in and my managers still love me.”

Let’s take a look at why Jones was ready to shake up her program during such a challenging time and make the switch to the TITAN platform.

The Problem: Inflexible and Dated School Nutrition Software

“I needed a system that was just more efficient,” Jones said.

Their previous system she used for her program was cumbersome and slowed their food service down; it lacked real-time syncing, and made it difficult-to-impossible to execute alternative school food service options.

The Solution: Flexible and User-Friendly School Nutrition Software that Syncs in Real Time

When making the switch to the TITAN system by LINQ, Jones was delighted by how easy it was for her team to use while also creating greater food service flexibility and helping them to save tons of time. From implementation to item management, the TITAN platform delivered the exact school nutrition software solution Jones and her team had been looking for.

On the Implementation and Customer Support of TITAN

Is there anything more delightful than an easy product implementation? We don’t think so, and Jones was thrilled by the ease of implementing the TITAN platform–especially during a pandemic.

“Our office team installed [the TITAN Software], or put it on all of our devices we have: portable POS’s and tablets and things that we use,” Jones said. “We don’t have a very big IT department, so one of the things I love is this has taken so much load off of our IT department because we really can do anything without [TITAN Support].”

Even though her team has been able to manage much of the implementation on their own, they still needed some support here and there. Software support teams aren’t always, well, supportive. However, Jones said she found the TITAN support team to be extremely attentive and helpful even if her team were able to manage issues on their own.

“The customer service has been excellent, which we were always looking for. We haven’t had to use [TITAN Support] that much, even within the first year. At the same time, when we’ve called or emailed, they reply right away and they’re right on it,” Jones said.

On Software Training with TITAN

Jones and her team loved the availability of on-demand training materials they got with the TITAN platform. TITAN Academy allowed them to ramp up the software quickly so they could start diversifying their food service.

“We had to do our training virtually. We launched in March of 2020, so again, terrible timing–I was very nervous. In the middle of all the other changes, we still [implemented the system],” Jones said. “The great thing about Titan academy is it’s an online training system–you can go back and watch videos anytime.

Jones explained that the online training platform made it possible to get her team up to speed, but is also an excellent resource when team members need additional training or have questions.

“If managers are struggling with a certain thing that they’re learning or they don’t understand, or if we have new managers we’re training, we just send them Titan Academy and they watch the videos,” Jones said.

On Item Management with TITAN

After implementation, Jones and her team were particularly excited by the streamlined process for updating items within the system.

“When you go to change that ingredient or that item, let’s say an allergen changes or ingredients change, you change it once and then all the way down the line, the recipes, the menus, what the parents see, the allergens, instantly change,” Jones said. “It is shockingly great!”

On Food Service Flexibility with TITAN

The need for greater food service flexibility became very clear at the beginning of quarantine in March 2020, and Jones’ team loved the ability to use almost any device to serve meals to students anywhere, anytime.

“[My previous solution] did not work offline, but [TITAN] does. It works anywhere,” Jones said. “If something’s not working or you have a group of kids you have to ring up or you’re doing a classroom party, you can change to whatever device you have, and turn it into a POS.”

School Nutrition Software that Makes Your Job Easier

Even as K-12 schools are returning to in-person learning, there is still potential that your program will have the need to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Dr. Lauren Jones found the flexibility of the TITAN school nutrition software made it easy for her program to diversify its food service and get meals into the hands of the children who needed it most.

When looking for a new school nutrition solution, don’t forget to consider the importance of flexibility and ease of use. This will help your team adopt the software much faster while also creating greater efficiency across your entire program. You and your team deserve a solution that just works.

Want to see the full conversation with Dr. Lauren Jones? Check out episode one of the First Taste TV, Season Two!

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