Online Portal for K‑12

LINQ Connect

A comprehensive online portal where families can monitor all student accounts, check menus, reload meal accounts, and pay all school fees.  

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Tips When Choosing a K‑12 Online Payment System 

Choosing a payment system should meet the entire needs of your district—including your K‑12 nutrition program. Learn tips to make the best choice possible.  


A comprehensive online portal  

LINQ Connect’s unique features provide a one-stop shop for families and districts alike. 

Single Location for Families  

Families can complete all tasks for students from a single login. Add multiple students, reload meal accounts, submit K‑12 lunch applications, and check menus from a single spot.  

SIS Integrations 

Key SIS integrations mean student information flows across the nutrition department and links seamlessly to the Point of Service.  

Online Meal Payments 

Families can reload meal accounts easily without any cash or check handling required. Families can receive low balance notifications and automatically reload payments.  

Web and Mobile Friendly 

Access the online portal anywhere—whether desktop or mobile. With a mobile app, your experience does not need to suffer, regardless of the device.  

Online Meal Applications and Income Forms 

Easily submit and update meal applications and forms from the online portal. Make updates anytime throughout the year, with changes in eligibility reflected in real time in students’ accounts.  

LaPorte District IN

“Our parents love it because they can just check the email and see what needs to be done if they need to put money on our students’ accounts. And if there are any issues, they’ll email us back directly. So that helps us out so much with time.”

Child Nutrition Director
LaPorte Community School Corporation, IN

Bridge knowledge gaps 

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