How Workflow Automation Creates Blissful School Operations Processes

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Schools experience slow processes every day. One (huge) reason: they’re stuck with manual, paper-based procedures that lead to inefficient school operations.

Handling piles of inventory sheets, stacks of student forms, and mountains of paperwork is horribly inefficient. Not only that, but it also ties up your school staff, lessening the time they have to focus on the important work they need to do.

These inefficiencies will inevitably have a negative effect on the educational experience of your students, and we can all agree that is the priority.

Thankfully there is a way to lessen, or eliminate, these time-consuming tasks — workflow automation.

Create more structured school operations processes.

Traditional paper-based methods of communication, from student enrollment to the distribution of information to parents, consume an insane amount of paper, money and time. Regardless of your enrollment numbers, automate paper-based processes for a better, more efficient work day. 

LINQ’s automation tools can take your existing paper forms and digitize them, storage and access a breeze. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Easily create a customized form from scratch with our Form Builder tool. Every form you create works with screen reader. You’ll never have to worry about ADA compliance – how’s that for an easy solution? 

When you eliminate paper and manual school operations processes, your staff and administrators can focus on more important matters. Automated processes also help remove bottlenecks so vital information isn’t lost. 

Allow more effective collection and use of data.

On any given day, teachers and administrators alike receive upwards of 50 emails (and we’re severely underestimating). Imagine being able to assign one staff member to handle a well-designed, form-based automated process for receiving and even responding to those requests? The time savings alone is enough to get us excited! 

Workflow automation allows you to collect more specific data and gather clearer information. Tracking down the right form and deciphering the handwriting is a major time waster for your school operations team. Say goodbye to that! 

Using workflow automation allows you to route information or forms to the right person and get exactly what you need — be it an approval, a request, or data. Even better? You can receive a confirmation receipt for your request. You can even view when the recipient opened it. Now you can track your requests at every stage of the process!

Improve file management and organization.

We’ve all handed a student a form that never made it home. Storing electronic documents eliminates the possibility of losing important information. There will be no confusion on whether a parent turned a reply slip in on time or when a department head approved a teacher’s field trip request. Set up automatic reminders for parents, and easily collect electronic signatures, too.

Paperwork may seem like no big deal. Ask any teacher, administrator or front office staff member, and they’ll tell you that they spend more than half of their time on it. Workflow automation allows them to focus on making the school experience a positive, impactful one for students.

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