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Digital Forms and Workflows for the Modern School District

Digitize any school form and streamline processes with automated workflows to move your district past paperwork.

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Move past paperwork and switch to paperless forms and documents to digitally get work done.

Get Organized Paperwork is time consuming and messy. With less paper forms and paper processing, central office heroes can get more done.
Take Control of Data Gain control over distributing, tracking, collecting and processing forms and documents, from the central office to the principal’s office.
Save A Lot of Time By automating time-consuming manual processes, district administrators are free to finally focus on what’s most important – your staff, students, and communities.
Go Paperless Online forms and workflows help your district promote paperless processes that ultimately save tons of time, money and trees.

Used by Leading Education Professionals

See how a Michigan School District technology team built automation into their departments without coding or hiring developers.

Simplify complex manual processes in your central office and say goodbye to paper across your district.

Explore all LINQ Forms & Workflows features.

Find out how LINQ Forms and Workflows helps districts move past paperwork.

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