The Top Benefits of Switching To Online School Forms

Learn how K‑12 schools benefit from going paperless and transitioning to online school forms.

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How much paper do you think your school stores? 

Let’s say you have 10,000 students enrolled and have a policy that limits paperwork sent home to just 10 documents per year. That’s 100,00 sheets of paper (and we are estimating on the very, very low end). There’s really no need to waste that much paper when there are better options available to you. 

Switching to online school forms eliminates waste, and also offers a number of other benefits. 

Why You Should Switch to Online School Forms

Technology eliminates the need to use paper documents for everything from enrollment forms to permission slips. Here, we’ve compiled a list of benefits to going paperless with your school forms. 

You Won’t Have to Worry About Forms Making it Home 

Kids lose papers. That’s something every teacher, parent, administrator and even a child himself knows. They will throw papers into random folders, lockers, backpack pockets, and even just carry them home. Many will get misplaced, dirty, ripped, or thrown away.

As a result, sending home paper forms to parents and guardians does not guarantee that they will ever see them again. Going paperless and putting all school forms in one place online allows parents quick access and eliminates the possibility of forms getting misplaced or damaged. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

The average school uses about 360,000 sheets of paper per year, and  paper costs us more trees than you may think.

Reduce your district’s carbon footprint by going paperless, saving time, energy, and precious natural resources from being wasted. Paperless school strategies, in general, are so much better for our planet.

Get Time Back in Your Day 

Paper forms take up a lot of time.for everyone. Administrators have to print hundreds, even thousands, or papers at a time, teachers have to take the time to pass the forms out to students, and parents have to take time out of their busy lives to track down a pen to fill out forms by hand.  

Using paperless forms saves the administration, teachers, and parents so much time!

For administration, they only need to upload one of each form. Teachers can then remind their students to have their parents check online.

It takes only a moment to sign in to the online platform and check for forms. Plus, it takes much less time to type in answers on the computer.

Online School Forms Eliminate Errors

If parents fill out a paper form incorrectly, it may need to be sent back home for them to fill it out again. Paperless forms, on the other hand, will not be sent if all of the fields are not filled incorrectly.

In addition, schools often ask for money with permission slips and other various forms, too. Oftentimes money gets lost on its way to school, or an office mix-up can make it seem as if a family hasn’t paid. Online permission slips serve the double purpose of collecting signatures and funds in one, digital place. The system keeps impeccable records, too, showing who paid, how much and when. In fact, they will show this for every form, making it easier to see who still needs to sign or pay something.

To Save Money

Education research suggests that schools spend about 10% of their budget on printing. Think about the costs for paper, ink, toner, and printer repairs.

Switching to paperless software costs a minimal fee up front that will save a ton of money in the long run. Your school can even ask parents to share in the nominal cost for the simple sake of convenience.

Choose Paperless

Leave your paper forms in history class! Schools should strive to move forward with innovative technology, especially when it comes to online school forms, as everyone reaps a benefit in the long run!

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