Creating Digital Forms is Easier Than You Think

Digitizing your district’s forms can save you an invaluable amount of time and money.

Person creating digital forms on his computer

Digitizing your district’s forms can save you an incredible amount of time and money. Not only will you never have to print out the forms you use every day, but all of your forms will be stored in a secure cloud database where they can be easily accessed, filled out, and routed to the next appropriate party at any time.  

This all sounds great, but digitizing your districts forms sounds difficult, right? With LINQ Forms & Workflows’ user-friendly form builder, digitizing your preexisting paper forms can be done in minutes with no technical knowledge necessary. Sound too good to be true? Check out this quick guide below to see how you can get started digitizing your districts forms in only a few minutes!

Step 1: Upload Your Form

Uploading your preexisting PDF forms into LINQ Forms & Workflows only takes a few seconds. Simply select “Create Form,” provide the form name along with a brief description of its purpose for your faculty to reference, and select the form you would like to digitize from your computer.

Step 2: Digitize Your Form

Once you have selected and uploaded your form into LINQ Forms & Workflows, you are ready to digitize. Digitizing your form is easy and requires no technical knowledge at all. Adding different fillable fields to your forms can be done by simply dragging and dropping that field from the toolbar at the top. With LINQ Forms & Workflows you can add a variety of fields such as:

  • text boxes
  • checkboxes
  • calendars
  • auto-fillers
  • drop-down menus
  • mathematic formulas
  • electronic signatures

Once you have dropped each field, use your mouse to adjust the size of each field to fit your form. You can then name each field for data collection purposes, decide who has the ability to complete that field, and chose whether to make that field required in order to submit the form to avoid incomplete submissions.

Step 3: Start Using Your Digital Form

That’s it! In only a few minutes you have transformed your district’s paper-based form completely digital. Your form is now ready to be completed by any number of your district’s stakeholders both internally or externally (whichever you decide).

Want to learn more about digitizing your forms and how LINQ Forms & Workflows can automate all of your school district’s processes? Visit to book a demo today and see how we can help!