Back to School Quiz—What Do You Really Know About K‑12 Efficiency?

Take our short quiz to find out what you really know about K‑12 efficiency and effective K‑12 district operations.

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A new school year is upon us. Teams across the nation are lean, but workloads and challenges are still heavy. Despite the hurdles ahead, most districts are focused on being as efficient as possible, while helping their programs grow. However, before a determination can be made about how to move forward efficiently, you need a solid grasp of where you are currently. Take our short quiz to find out how much you really know about efficiency in K‑12 district operations and what you can do to work towards a top grade.

How Much Do You Know About Efficiency in K‑12 District Operations?

On average, paper accounts for what percentage of school waste?

A. 23 percent

B. 40 percent

C. 19 percent 

Answer: B. Paper is actually the single largest component of all school waste. Using a cloud-based K‑12 administration system can decrease the need for physical paper forms. As a bonus, digital forms can also be automated and routed to the appropriate people or departments. You’ll receive them back only when they’re fully completed and ready!

What percentage of IT leaders in education reported a faster pace of digital business initiatives in the last two years?

A. 49%

B. 55%

C. 68%

Answer: C.  The challenges of the last two years have forced K‑12 school districts to shift to more digital solutions than ever before. Historically, school districts have been slower to adopt new technologies. Accelerating your technology business initiatives means that districts can have digital solutions in place, making responding to unexpected challenges much less stressful. 

How many sheets of paper do U.S. schools use per year?

A. 32 billion

B. 29 billion

C. 22 billion

Answer: A. Schools and districts still use over 30 billion sheets of paper a year! Not only is this harmful for the environment, but it is an inefficient use of time and money. Digitizing school forms, and implementing technology-based learning solutions, can eliminate expenses like printing and storage, and give your team back valuable time in their day. 

Where do most teams store their project information?

A. A project team management tool

B. One or more emails

C. A shared online document 

Answer: B. While there are technology systems available for managing projects, most teams still store their information in one or more emails. Managing project information in your inbox can quickly become overwhelming. It can be difficult to find and share information with your entire team, not to mention the time that is wasted scouring through your inbox for the exact right email. Using a cloud-based management system – especially one designed specifically for K‑12 administration – streamlines your processes. It also frees up valuable time that you and your team can spend working on tasks that move your district toward your goals for this year. 

Digital Solutions Can Help Your Processes Flourish 

Even with the level of technology that is available today, many school districts are not taking full advantage of digital solutions that can significantly improve processes. Having digital systems in place allows for flexibility in the event of significant challenges, like the ones school districts have had to face in the last two years. 

Now that you have a clearer picture of efficiency in K‑12 school districts, you can plan to leave inefficiencies behind and plant seeds for growth in this school year. Our team of experts put together a complete Back to School Guide, Here We Grow Again, which you can download here