On-Demand Webinar: Empowering Oregon’s Schools

A Fireside Chat with Newberg-Dundee Public Schools’ Finance Director

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In today’s fast-changing educational landscape, Oregon districts face numerous challenges that demand a reassessment of their Finance and HR software needs to ensure long-term sustainability and success. Join us as we delve into the forward-thinking journey of Newberg School District in its journey toward operational excellence with the adoption of LINQ ERP.  

During this on-demand fireside chat with Heather Bixby, Director of Finance at Newberg-Dundee Public Schools in Oregon, and Jim Gagliardi, Chief Product Officer at LINQ we: 

  1. Explore the decision-making process behind Newberg’s selection of LINQ ERP.  
  2. Review the critical factors in deciding to change ERP providers, such as cost and time efficiencies, capability, and simplifying operational systems to a single provider. 
  3. Learn about the district’s implementation approach, expectations, and forecasted impact of LINQ ERP on enhancing operational efficiency, data analytics, and overall management practices. 

This fireside chat is more than a story of technological transition—it is a guide for other districts considering an ERP overhaul. Participants will learn from Newberg’s ongoing experience and gain actionable advice on evaluating and selecting an ERP system that aligns with the future of educational administration. 

Whether you are actively exploring a new ERP system or simply interested in the intricacies of successful technology integration within your school district, this session promises a wealth of knowledge and practical insights from leading experts in the field.