Experience LINQ Connect at ANC23! 

Give families a seamless, hassle-free K‑12 payment solution for school meals and fees

Embrace the speed, simplicity, and utmost security of LINQ Connect to revolutionize financial transactions. Say goodbye to complexities and welcome a new era of convenience as LINQ Connect simplifies the payment experience for your families.​

  • One Login for all Students: Families can do it all in one place: manage funds, view menus, submit applications, set reminders and more.​
  • Real-Time Connectivity: Transaction data, payments at the Point of Service (POS), and changes to online menus are visible immediately.​
  • Eligibility Status & Letters: Empower families to generate their own eligibility letters and track their status.​
  • All School Fees: From school lunch to yearbooks and field trips, easily collect any school fees right within LINQ Connect.​
  • Fully Integrated: Directly integrates with almost any SIS, and student data refreshes in real-time at the POS and in the back of house.​

Discover the ease and convenience of LINQ Connect for K‑12 Education. Try LINQ Connect at Booth #1229 or schedule a demo today and simplify K‑12 payments like never before. ​