KPI Template to Showcase Your K‑12 Nutrition Program’s Success

By the Numbers Template

Demonstrate your nutrition program’s value to your school board and stakeholders with these “By the Numbers” highlights.

Your school’s nutrition program plays a vital role in whole-child support, helping students learn, thrive, and grow. However, it’s easy for nutrition’s impact to go unnoticed amidst the chaos of the school year. That’s why we created this sample slide for you to use to showcase the value of your K‑12 nutrition program.  

The Institute of Child Nutrition has identified Essential Key Performance Indicators for School Nutrition Programs to use to evaluate their program’s effectiveness. Identifying  and using KPIs enables school nutrition directors and school districts to make thoughtful, data-driven decisions to continue operating school nutrition programs effectively.

Use this slide template based on the top KPIs the next time you have the chance to showcase the impact of your nutrition program to your school board and community stakeholders. Plus, sharing these highlights with your own team can be a motivating way to recognize the results of your nutrition staff’s hard work. 

Simply download the slide and fill in your own numbers—that’s it! Start using the template today and prepare to make a powerful statement at your next board meeting!