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Customer Story Greeley Evans School District 6

Hear why Danielle Bock, Director of Nutrition Services, and her team at Greeley Evans School District 6 made the switch to TITAN.

LINQ vs. the Competition

See how LINQ, powered by TITAN, stacks up against the competition.


Your Solution

System Integration

LINQ's Titan

All-in-one system enabling front-of-house and back-of-house modules to communicate seamlessly


Disconnected technology; the front-of-house and back-of-house modules cannot speak to each other

Product Updates

LINQ's Titan

Automated every 2 weeks with the latest software enhancements. Zero dollars, zero effort


Manual (if available), additional cost and manual installation to each terminal


LINQ's Titan

100% browser based for anytime, anywhere access with no software to install, even at the POS


Costly, proprietary hardware must be installed on every machine to access -- with limited availability for larger districts

Menu Planning

LINQ's Titan

Manage meal patterns, nutritional analysis, and reimbursable meals all from one screen without the need to switch tabs


Menu planning that requires redundant, manual data entry and the need to switch tabs or pages

Item Management

LINQ's Titan

Enter an item and its nutritional information once and leverage it across the entire platform, saving you weeks of work


Redundant data entry required for the front of house and back of house

End-of-Year Procedures

LINQ's Titan

Quick and free procedures that take less than an hour to complete


Additional fees and requires IT intervention to complete


LINQ's Titan

Responsive and growing team of industry experts committed to helping you every step of the way


Support teams that are unavailable when you need them most

See why Greeley Evans School District 6 made the switch:

“There were a lot of factors why we went out to bid why we awarded that bid to TITAN. First and foremost, it had to do with customer service and it had to do with the response necessary when you are in such a highly regulated industry. We were on a server-based solution prior to switching to TITAN and I can't even imagine and I can't imagine having to drive into the office in order to pull my claim reports because I don't have access from my home. So having a cloud-based solution that is updated weekly with the latest enhancements, is game changing for us. I feel like I have friends who want to see us succeed.”

Danielle Bock, Director of Nutrition Services, Greeley-Evans District 6

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