Unlocking Efficiency and Empowering Education

The Benefits of Digital Forms and Workflows in K‑12

Unlocking Efficiency and Empowering Education

Accelerate school and district initiatives by going paperless with a modern, scalable digital forms and workflows solution. In this guide, you’ll learn how an integrated system can help solve operational and staffing challenges revealed in our K‑12 ERP research report. 

Reasons K‑12 districts need to modernize operations with digital forms and workflows:

  • 72% of districts report outdated back-office systems 
  • 63% lost teachers seeking a district with more modern technology 
  • 87% say they want their district to modernize back-office software 

Digitizing forms and automating workflows online can help simplify processes and contribute to higher teacher and staff retention.  

Get tips for saving time and money with digital K‑12 forms and workflows

This comprehensive guide delivers actionable, real-world tips for moving forms and workflows online. Say goodbye to paper-burdened processes and hello to online simplicity. Automate workflows to move tasks along faster, auto-fill form information to improve accuracy, and give staff members secure, 24/7 access to the critical information they need to make data-driven decisions.  

Find out how to ensure accurate, on-time K‑12 finance and HR essential operations, like Avondale School District in Arizona now experiences with payroll:  

“Having the online system, you have it all tracked. … Everybody is getting paid correctly. Everybody is getting paid on time.”

Jennifer Blendowski | Payroll Clerk
Avondale ESD, AZ

Open this K‑12 digital forms and workflows guide now for tips to:

  • Save time and money by streamlining K‑12 operations 
  • Simplify tasks for office staff, educators, and families 
  • Drastically reduce paper and materials usage 
  • Improve data accuracy and cybersecurity 
  • Ensure on-time payroll and regulatory compliance 

Discover how the right technology automates and eliminates the busy work, giving employees more time to focus on vital education initiatives, personalized staff and educator support, and long-term planning and goals.