4 Reasons to Choose Digital School Fee Management

Simplify student meal and school fee payments for your district’s families with an easy-to-use, and secure online payment platform. ​

4 Reasons to Choose Digital School Fee Management

Unleash the Potential of Modern Payment Solutions

A single solution makes handling K-12 business easy for everyone. The district CFO and finance teams get an easier way to process payments and reconcile deposits, and families enjoy a one-stop-shop for all payments and transactions. A digital payment solution can even include messaging capabilities, making it easier to update families about changes, fee deadlines, or overdue payments. 

86% of point-of-sale (POS) transactions throughout the economy were electronic in 2022. It only makes sense to offer the convenient, cashless experience families prefer for school fees and payments. ​

This interactive guide addresses the four primary reasons districts choose digital school fee management. It’s packed with stats, tips, and use cases, along with links to some of our top digital payments content. ​

  • Simplifying payments and fee management​
  • Reducing administrative burden​
  • Getting families engaged​
  • Improving payment security

Find out how your district can start going cashless this year. Explore our complete payment solution for the first time or learn how your district can manage school fees if you’re already using LINQ for meal payments.​