District Benefits from Having a Knowledgeable Client Experience Team During ERP Implementation

How Provo City School District benefitted from having a knowledgeable client experience team during their ERP implementation.

Team implementing ERP software

Provo City School District is a single-city district in Utah with approximately 13,000 enrolled students. The district has 18 schools (5 secondary, 13 elementary) and boasts a 90% graduation rate. Students are each given their own technological devices. They also have access to four languages taught in immersion programs, and are offered robust work-based learning opportunities. In short, Provo City is a district that takes its student success very seriously. District members work hard to ensure students are prepared for the modern working world. The district implemented Alio 1.0 in 2014. They were so pleased with the support they received from LINQ that they decided to be part of the migration to LINQ ERP.

The Challenge: Transitioning to LINQ ERP

Provo City School District was an existing client of Alio, which was acquired by LINQ. Happy with the service they were receiving, they agreed to transition to what is now LINQ ERP. Devyn Dayley, Director of Accounting for the district, shared with us that while the transition experience has been difficult for Provo City team members who are resistant to change, 80% of the staff are now fully using LINQ ERP. 

The Solution: A Knowledgeable Support Team to Help with the Transition

Transitioning to a new system never fails to cause some confusion. However, the knowledgeable and responsive team at LINQ has made the process a smooth one. In fact, the greatest highlight, according to Dayley, is that whenever she or her team needs assistance, they “get a person, and if there’s an issue, they’ll call…you’re talking to a person rather than an automated phone”. That human aspect, along with the team’s deep industry knowledge, is really what sets LINQ ERP apart from other providers. “There’s not an unresponsive bone in any of their bodies,” Dayley says. “They’ll do what they can to make things work, and they do it very professionally and are very good at their jobs.”

The flexibility of the LINQ ERP system allows Dayley and her team to make any changes and fix things “without an act of Congress”. This means greater efficiency with updates and customization. There is no need to bother the IT team for updates. Those are automatic and that is a real time-saver. 

The Results: A Straightforward Implementation and Easy-to-Use System

A quick and easy ERP implementation

The transition from Alio to LINQ ERP was, in Daley’s words, “pretty smooth for an implementation”. It was quick, and all of the district’s data remained intact. One of the concerns when adopting a new system is that there may be a loss of data or that it may be very confusing. However, LINQ ERP provided the district with “so many resources in order to help”. Dayley was able to go through them with her team and that has made the transition easier. 

A cleaner, more modern interface

Legacy systems are often overloaded with features that overwhelm the user. LINQ ERP has a clean, modern look. “There are things [my team] can do like moving the columns around and resizing so you don’t have to scroll so much, and making your screen bigger and smaller.” This makes it easy to navigate and creates a more pleasant and efficient user experience. 

Simplified Reporting with Data Exports

Pulling data for reporting purposes can be daunting and very time-consuming. The LINQ ERP system facilitates the easy exporting of data. “If people are out there looking for data that’s multiple pages, they can export that to a full report.” Having all of the information you need to complete your reporting is an invaluable time-saver. 

Meet the Modern Demands of Your School District with LINQ ERP

Adopting a new system sounds overwhelming. However, with the right level of knowledge and assistance from a responsive support team, a full integration is possible. In addition, it is quick and stress-free! If you are looking to update your system, simplify your reporting and have a cleaner, more modern interface, LINQ ERP can help. Reach out to our team today. We’ll show you how we can help you meet the modern demands of your school district.