How to Plan for a Painless Software Implementation for Your District

Ways districts can plan for a less stressful software implementation.

Software implementation

The following post in an excerpt from our handy dandy (and FREE) guide, Finding the Right K‑12 School Nutrition Software. Finding the best solution is tough, but our guide walks you through each step so you can make a solid choice! Part of making the right choice comes down to the implementation process. Read on to get an exclusive look at what you’ll find in the guide.

After you’ve assessed the needs of your district and dived into some research on the solutions that fit those needs, it’s time to look at the implementation process.

Tips for Painless Software Implementation

First off, it’s important that you don’t exhaust your budget purchasing a new solution that doesn’t include implementation support or proper training for the nutrition team and key staff – view the product purchase, installation, and go-live process as a whole.

One big thing to remember: get the total cost upfront and make sure items beyond the product are included in the total conversion cost. This way, you can avoid hidden fees while gaining complete migration support.

Proper implementation will help you get the most out of your investment. If you purchase a mid to enterprise-level product, you get so much more than just the software. You will also get implementation support converting existing data, connecting other interfaces, and training for the platform.

“Transitioning from our old software was faster than expected because LINQ, powered by TITAN’s implementation plan was so smooth. The support team is very receptive, quick reacting and awesome problem solvers. Just like the team, the system is so responsive! I love working with the TITAN team and highly recommend them for your school district. You will not regret it.”

Tanya Harter
Director of Child Nutrition, Paradise Unified School District

Training is instrumental in the onboarding process and achieving buy-in with the food service team. Training should be included in the total cost so your launch goes off without a hitch. At LINQ, we have a unique understanding of the education industry; many of the company’s leadership and associates are prior nutrition or IT directors for K‑12 schools.

We offer purpose-built software specifically tailored to the needs of school districts regardless of size. You can trust that our team of experts are there to help you now, and anytime you need us in the future.

Let’s take a look at the average implementation schedule you might find when adding the TITAN school nutrition management system from LINQ to your program.

The Average Software Implementation Timeline for the TITAN System by LINQ

When districts select LINQ, powered by TITAN for school nutrition program management, our consultants—former food service directors and nutritionists—are with them for the entire implementation phase. We configure each module and verify the desired process workflow.

Here is a high-level preview of the implementation timeline for LINQ’s TITAN system:

TITAN software average implementation timeline chart

Thorough Training Makes Software Implementation Even Smoother

Learning how to use a new solution is challenging for most, and it’s especially tough with the time constraints that come with working in K‑12 schools. When districts that choose TITAN gain access to TITAN Academy, a fully-loaded library of video resources and quick reference guides.

Our in-depth and on-demand training courses include the following:

  • Learning plans by your district’s role
  • Video-based learning
  • Instructor-led training
  • Assignments
  • Knowledge tests
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Quick reference guides
  • Instructional materials
  • Embedded training mode (Cashiers, POS)
  • Regularly scheduled follow-up webinars

When district’s invest in the system from LINQ, powered by TITAN, we guarantee their success; everyone should enjoy using the system so that it makes their lives a little easier. From parents to cafeteria managers to nutrition directors, the TITAN system by LINQ is a wholistic solution for districts just like yours.

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