Case Study: Provo City School District

Provo City ERP Case Study
Provo City District

“There’s not an unresponsive bone in any of their bodies. They’ll do what they can to make things work.”

Devyn Daley
Director of Accounting
Provo City, UT


Provo City School District was an existing Alio client which was acquired by LINQ. Devyn Dayley and her team, happy with the service they were receiving, agreed to be a beta site for what would now be called LINQ ERP. Provo City now needed to transition to the new site.


LINQ ERP for Provo City School District

Transitioning to a new system never fails to cause some confusion, but the knowledgeable and responsive team at LINQ has made the process a smooth one. The greatest highlight, according to Dayley, is that whenever he or his team need assistance, they “get a person, and if there’s an issue, they’ll call…you’re talking to a person rather than an automated phone.” That human aspect, along with the team’s responsiveness and deep industry knowledge, is really what sets LINQ ERP apart from other providers. The flexibility of the LINQ ERP system allows Dayley and his team to make any changes and fix things “without an act of Congress,” which means greater efficiency with updates and customization.


Dayley and her team have benefited from a “pretty smooth” and quick implementation. One of her concerns was that the district’s data would be lost, but it remained intact.

LINQ ERP has a modern, clean look. “There are things [my team] can do like moving the columns around, and resizing so you don’t have to scroll so much, and making your screen bigger and smaller.” This makes it easy to navigate and creates a more pleasant and efficient user experience. In addition, the system facilitates the easy exporting of data. Users can export multi-page reports and have all the information they need to complete their reporting right in front of them.