Case Study: Hickory Public Schools

Hickory Public Schools ERP Case Study

“Wow, we should
have switched [ERP
solutions] a long
time ago.”

Adam Steele
Chief Financial Officer
Hickory, NC


Adam Steele and his team were using the same ERP software for
years to handle their fund management and payroll. In addition,
they utilized other third-party providers and excel spreadsheets.
Some of these components were not online, so Steele and his team could only access them in the office.


When looking for a new vendor, Steele’s number one priority was
time savings. He heard about LINQ from several colleagues at
neighboring school districts who were working much more
efficiently than his district. After taking a tour of the product Steele said his first thought was, “Wow, we should have switched a long time ago.” At first, Steele’s team was hesitant about having to learn a new system, but after going through the LINQ implementation process, they realized how easy the product was to use. “LINQ walked us through the software and made sure we were all well-equipped,” said Steele.


After implementing LINQ ERP, Steele immediately benefited from
the time savings he was looking for. Apart from being a web-based system, he was able to complete his NC DPI 202 in under two minutes and found that purchase order turnaround time was also faster- which his vendors appreciated! Having a single, consolidated view at his fingertips brought immense efficiency to the department.

While his team was hesitant to learn a new system, they quickly
adapted. Steele said, “Everybody enjoyed moving to LINQ ERP. Now that we’ve been using it for a year everybody can see the time savings it offers.”