Case Study: Ashe County Schools

Ashe County Public Schools case study
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“It’s ready to go. It’s out of the box. Just sit down at your computer and do your work.”

Amanda Coldiron
Chief Financial Officer
Ashe County, NC


For years, Amanda Coldiron and her team were using the same ERP software to handle their district operations. Because of North Carolina’s DPI School Business System Modernization, they needed to find a new ERP solution that would meet the modern demands of their district. It also needed to comply with the SBSM requirements.


When looking for a new vendor, Coldiron was searching for an ERP solution that would be a good fit for Ashe County Schools. “Some systems were too large and more than what we needed.” Others made the team feel “like we needed a programmer.” LINQ ERP North Carolina has the capacity to support Ashe Country School’s current needs, and also the flexibility to adjust and support the district as it grows and as its needs change. LINQ ERP North Carolina’s fully integrated accounting, payroll, and human resource management system solved communication and efficiency issues. It also has built-in compliance with North Carolina regulations.


Coldiron and her team immediately benefitted from time savings in payroll and user friendliness that made the system easy for even a new employee to learn. “It took her no time to learn accounts payable and fixed assets. Nobody likes fixed assets.”

LINQ ERP North Carolina is also supported by the highest quality customer service experience and an extremely knowledgeable team. When asked how the LINQ ERP North Carolina experience is set apart, Coldiron said the team is “very responsive and kind. You also have a strong, knowledgeable development team that knows what North Carolina needs.”