Five Big Questions to Consider Before Switching to an All-In-One School Nutrition System

Five questions to ask when you’re selecting an all-in-one school nutrition system.

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You know it’s time for an upgrade to your school nutrition management software, but where do you start?

Perhaps your current system is holding your program back from meeting the current, flexible service demands. Or maybe you’re experiencing delays. Or inaccurate data is making you bonkers.

Purchasing new software is a big commitment—you need to make sure you’re making the best decision for your program. But, is an all-in-one school nutrition system right for you?

In this post, we’ll cover the following:

  • Things to consider before switching to an all-in-one solution
  • Benefits of an all-in-one school nutrition system

Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Switching to an All-in-One School Nutrition System

If you’ve been considering upgrading your school nutrition solution, here are some questions to consider before you make the leap.

#1. Do your terminals lose internet connection during meal service?

If you answered a resounding and emphatic YES, consider what you have to do when that happens. Do you have to write orders on a notepad and update it in the system later? And then, you have to update that information in multiple places?

We can hear you…you’re screaming YES to the screen again, aren’t you? We have a solution. An all-in-one school nutrition system that’s web-based, like LINQ Nutrition, makes it possible to serve meals regardless.

#2. Do you have a problem with your students getting second meals and the system doesn’t alert the cashier?

Kids (and staff) can be sneaky, swinging back through the lunch line for a second helping of their favorite dish. These seemingly innocuous seconds add up. Your program can avoid losing reimbursements and ensure accuracy with a system that syncs in real-time.

#3. When adding new items to your menu, how many different places does that item have to be entered?

Older systems require you to enter a new item in multiple places before it’s actually added. There’s the inventory, and the ingredients, and serving sizes based on age and/or grade. What if we told you that LINQ Nutrition makes it possible to enter the item in one spot, one time? And the data is updated in real-time!

#4. Is it time consuming for you to update the system when a manufacturer reformulates an item?

Often, a manufacturer reformulates an item and you have to update it in the system. As we mentioned, updating one item can be very tedious in an outdated solution. But with an all-in-one school nutrition solution, you can easily update the information in one place. Boom! Time savings galore!

#5. Do you have to get IT involved to configure and install new terminals?

Everyone knows that IT directors and their teams are the busiest people on the planet. If you have to rely on IT to help you configure and install new software or terminals, you may have to wait for long periods of time.

We have a win-win for you: take your software and hardware installs off their to-do list with an all-in-one system. At LINQ, we update everything for you! IT can focus on other departments and you can serve students without worry.

The Benefits of Choosing an All-in-One School Nutrition System

The school food service of today needs to be as flexible as possible. There is no longer room for separate, outdated systems that barely communicate with one another.

So…it’ll come as no surprise to you that when your modules are in one place, you end up saving a ton of time and money for your program. Let’s take a look at how your program benefits from an all-in-one school nutrition system.

Fully Integrated Front and Back-of-House Operations

Separate front of house and back of house modules create an unnecessary divide in your program. An all-in-one school nutrition system brings your operations together, syncing everything in real-time.

Simple and Quick Item Management

When you have to enter an item in multiple places so it appears everywhere in your system, you lose a ton of time which drives up labor costs. With an all-in-one system, you enter the item once and it appears everywhere. Instantly.

Real-Time Inventory

If your nutrition system is composed of separate solutions, there is likely a delay in data updates. An all-in-one nutrition system ensures your inventory is always up-to-date. You never have to guess on quantities, helping you to reduce waste.

An All-in-One School Nutrition System is a Game Changer

The operators of today need a software solution that helps them meet the current challenges their program is facing. They need to be nimble—ready to shift service on a moment’s notice.

However, old and outdated nutrition management solutions miss the mark; they simply don’t deliver on flexibility, streamlined operations, real-time updates, or seamless item management.

An all-in-one school nutrition system, like LINQ Nutrition, helps your program rise up and shake hands with your current demands. It’s functionality creates opportunities for your program to grow while saving money and time.

What more could you ask for?