Our Student-to-State Mission: Three Ways a Nutrition Platform Streamlines Monthly Claims

Learn about three ways we’re working to streamline the monthly claims process for school nutrition programs.

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I remember when I first started working in the K‑12 industry and got to visit a few districts in Arizona to learn about how school food service works. I watched the operations and helped serve some meals. The goal was to understand how you do everything you do in school nutrition. I left with a newfound respect for the lunch lady.  

Eventually, we got to the administrative side of the business where I experienced the process of submitting monthly claims for reimbursement. From pulling multiple reports for review, submitting data to the state, resolving errors in the data, resubmitting the data, and so on, the process was tedious to say the least. 

After we were done, I heard a story from a California district about how reimbursements were delayed for months because of a fire at the district office. The district was unable to send the corrected paperwork to the state for reimbursement, delaying payments. This put a major stress on not just the cafeteria, but the whole district.  

After witnessing the claims process and hearing stories about delayed reimbursement, I had a renewed sense of purpose, and was more excited than ever to work for a company that is on a mission to solve these types of problems.  

LINQ is Making Schools Stronger through purpose-built solutions that ease the administrative burden for you and your staff, allowing them to focus on what you love – serving students nutritious meals so they are ready to learn. We’re on a mission to streamline your monthly claims process, so here are three ways our TITAN system will help in the future. 

One Central Claims Location  

Over the years, you have likely downloaded many .csv files, reports, and PDF documents simply to view your claims data. This requires you to login to multiple systems all with different passwords, expected file formats, and upload/download procedure.  

Within the TITAN platform, you will be able to review and submit your monthly claims data in one central location. That is right! You can grab all the data needed to submit your monthly claims to your state agency. This saves you a ton of time, reduces errors and speeds up the reimbursement process.   

Quickly and Easily Identify Monthly Claims Errors

As I watched the monthly claims process, I was struck by the back and forth of verifying and updating data. The effort it took to upload or manually enter the data took days or even weeks! The TITAN System will flag errors within any data submitted to the state. Then, you will be notified about data errors right within the Titan system. You’ll never have to login to a separate application.  

One-Click State Submissions 

The last way the TITAN System will help streamline monthly claim reports: a direct integration into your state nutrition system. This connection will allow nutrition teams to click a button and submit your monthly claims data to your state agency. No more downloading, uploading, entering data, or logging into multiple systems to submit your final claims number. Simply stay in the TITAN platform and click the Submit to State button.  

Connecting to Your State to Streamline Your Monthly Claims Process 

Outside of your students, the ability to process your monthly claims reports is the heart and soul of your cafeteria. We understand that these claims are vital, not only for your cafeteria, but the entire school. When nutrition programs are connected directly to their state systems, the work that once took days is reduced immensely. You get that time back to focus on making your program the best it can be. And when your program is optimal, your students are at their optimum.

We’re on a mission to connect schools to states!

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