Finance and HR Trends for K‑12 Districts

Take a look at the Finance and HR trends that K‑12 district administrators need to keep an eye on this year.

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The greatest lesson we’ve learned from the last several years is the future of work relies on flexibility. From having to shift gears quickly and adjust to remote work to dealing with staffing shortages and supply chain challenges, organizations across the globe have certainly learned to adapt. 

Our team of K‑12 experts put together a free, full report of Finance and HR trends for administrators to look out for in 2022. After all, helpful information should be easily accessible!

In this post, we’ll cover some of the highlights from that report just in case you don’t have the time right this second to read the full thing. 

Integrate Your Systems and Streamline Your Processes 

One of the biggest Finance and HR trends we’re seeing for 2022 is streamlined connections and processes.

Entering data into more than one system is more than cumbersome; it eats up valuable time that you and your team could spend on more important items. Think about the last time you were doing data entry and couldn’t get the columns to add up. It made you wonder if the data had already been entered somewhere else, didn’t it? You don’t have time for that!

Make your systems talk to one another with integrated technology systems. Digital forms and workflows eliminate duplicate work, keeps your data current, and makes budgeting and reporting simpler than ever. 

Get Flexibility Through Cloud-Based Accounting 

As we mentioned, flexibility is the name of the game for success in the workplace in the new year. A cloud-based accounting system allows your team the flexibility to access everything they need to get their work done. They can work wherever they choose, whether that’s in the office, at home, or a local coffee shop. This eliminates any hurdles to getting work done on time. It also ensures that all of your accounting data is accurate. 

Simplified and Accurate Reporting 

Meeting compliance standards is an essential to ensuring your district gets the funds it needs. This funding allows you to provide a quality education experience to your students.

That said, it’s also quite cumbersome, to put it lightly. Data is often downloaded in a PDF or Excel sheet, printed, then re-entered into one or more systems before being submitted to the state. Not to mention that if anything is inaccurate, it can set you and your team back hours.

What you need is a multi-faceted, intuitive system that collects and stores your data. It also allows you to access and format the data to align with your state’s guidelines. It sounds too good to be true, but it exists! Districts across the nation are taking advantage of a system just like this one that makes reporting hassle-free. 

Set the Stage for Your District’s Success 

Predictability in the workplace, and even in education, is a thing of the past. The organizations that experience the most success will remain adaptable and prepared for any changes they may face.

Using cloud-based accounting, integrating your systems, and simplifying your reporting are the top Finance and HR trends district administrators are following in the new year.

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