The Top 5 Things to Look For in a School Nutrition Planning Solution

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There’s one thing every school administrator knows: menu planning is complicated. The best defense is selecting the right school nutrition planning solution to streamline processes. And it should be one that your whole team can start using without a lot of training. 

But how to you pick the right one? You’ll need to make sure your solution can be implemented quickly and cleanly to avoid slowing down your operations. There are a number of them out there, so selecting the one that’s right for your team can be time-consuming! 

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In this post, we’re sharing some key attributes of a great nutrition management solution. We also reveal the technology we recommend as the gold standard. On top of that, we’re offering a white paper you can download to learn more about it. 

Key Attributes of an Effective School Nutrition Planning Solution 

There are five key attributes that all school admins should look for when selecting a nutrition planning platform. Each attribute speaks to your needs of saving time, increasing efficiencies, and automating processes. Let’s look at each one in depth.

Key attribute #1: 100% cloud-based 

Benefit => Accessibility 

There are so many advantages to accessing your system from a browser. Most school districts appreciate the time savings and convenience. With a cloud-based system, your team can access information in real-time on almost any device. Better yet: there’s no need to install software on your system, even at the point of service. 

Key attribute #2: Fully integrated platform 

Benefit => Time savings 

In your business, time savings is everything. So, it’s critical to work with a solution that’s fully integrated. This means that front-of-house and back-of-house modules work together seamlessly within one centralized database, eliminating the need for redundant, manual data entry across modules. 

Key attribute #3: Flexible, automated software 

Benefit => Increased efficiencies 

The best system is one that you can’t tell it’s running. Automated and built-in processes provide users a “set it and forget it” operation. For example, your system should include biweekly software updates and provide an offline mode so you can continue to use the technology even if you lose internet access. 

Key attribute #4: Excellent support 

Benefit => Peace of mind 

Should something go wrong, you need dedicated experts ready to quickly address issues so things can keep moving. LINQ’s TITAN software was built by former child nutrition operators. On top of that, many of our support team members have deep K‑12 nutrition knowledge.

Key attribute #5: Parent-friendly portal 

Benefit => Happy families 

A nutrition planning solution that’s worth its weight should include a portal for parents and guardians. A portal makes it super easy for them to participate in your program. With a portal, families can do things like make payments, view eligibility status, set spending limits, transfer funds, view transaction history, view online menus, and submit applications. And they can do that all from one location!

Why Choosing TITAN–A LINQ Solution is the Right Choice for School Nutrition Planning 

With shrinking budgets, changing COVID policies and staffing shortages, you have a lot to stay on top of. Knowing the key benefits of an effective school nutrition planning solution helps speed up the decision making process.

At LINQ, we empower school administrators so they’re successful carrying out critical tasks and overcoming the restraints of tight budgets. Our dedicated team of industry veterans have firsthand experience with the many challenges you face every day. We are committed to partnering with your district by listening and responding to your unique needs. 

Read our white paper that details the benefits of adopting TITAN as a nutrition planning solution.