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LINQ Nutrition was formerly RegistrationGateway

Paperless Student Registration Made for K-12 Schools

Simplify your enrollment process and keep your student data accurate and safe, all in one automated system.

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Student Registration

Become more productive and reduce your environmental footprint.

Automate Processes No more manual data entry from paper forms: LINQ integrates with your Student Information System to save you time.
Reduce Errors Get clean, accurate and complete data the first time with auto-filled fields pulled from your Student Information System.
Improve Security All of your student and district data is protected in our secure system so you never have to worry about lost paper forms.
Go Paperless Save money and time, while reducing your environmental footprint. Join other progressive districts and go 100% paperless.

Manage student enrollment more efficiently with a complete, integrated registration and document management solution.

  • 30 years of K-12 experience
  • 3000+ districts love LINQ
  • 98.9% customer retention rate
  • 1 integrated platform

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