20 Influential K‑12 Education Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow in 2022

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One positive thing that has come out of the events of the last couple of years is that we have all found new ways to stay connected. For years, social media influencers have taken to their platforms to offer thought leadership, meaningful connection and motivation to their followers.

We’ve rounded up a list of influential K‑12 education Twitter accounts for educators, leaders, students and parents alike to follow in 2022. 

Education Twitter Accounts: School Nutrition 


Barbecue ribs, herb rubbed oven roasted chicken, certified angus beef burnt end brisket and cheddar sandwiches with fried shallots – that’s not a restaurant menu, but meals served at K‑12 schools around Greenville County Schools.

Joe Urban, Director of the district’s Food and Nutrition Services, used his 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry to transform the menus of schools in his district. Now he is the king of sharing school food pictures that are drool-worthy!  


Former chef, Daniel Giusti, is the founder of Brigaid, a group of chefs who partner with school districts to empower them to make school kitchens run more efficiently and offer fresher ingredients and more nutritious meals. Giusti shares pictures of fresh ingredients, school meals, and shares news about the progress of the program.  


The Urban School Food Alliance is a non-profit organization created by school food service professionals. This is the account to follow to stay updated on school nutrition news, tips and above all, inspiration to keep advocating for the health and wellness of students. 


Want to celebrate what’s right with school nutrition in America? This account is a self-proclaimed “counter-revolution to the media bashing of school meals and a tribute to every lunch lady (and gentleman) working to do amazing things for kids’ nutrition.”



If you’re looking for simple recipes for your school nutrition program, and surprising ingredients that can be part of reimbursable meals (lactose-free milk, for example) then this is the account to follow. It also posts timely updates about USDA-run programs and funding.  

Education Twitter Accounts: School Leadership 


Kick your day off with good vibes. The Chief of Staff for Bibb County School District shares selfies from her morning workouts and motivates her followers to get mentally ready for the day ahead. 


School administrators have been known to go the extra mile to celebrate their students. This principal took that phrase up a notch, garnering attention in the Spring of 2020 when he ran one mile for each fifth grader who graduated from Don E. Roberts Elementary in Little Rock. He also frequently shares pictures of students and staff enjoying their time on campus, which is a much-needed reminder of why faculty and staff do what they do each day. 


If you need a reminder about why you do what you do each day, this is the account to follow. The Chief Communications Officer Kansas City Public Schools gained followers in the fall of 2020 when she would post daily videos to help kids learn from home. She now shares regular updates about student achievements and activities throughout the district that serve to inspire educators to continue their hard work, along with updates about her Kansas City Chiefs, of course. 


Ask any teacher what they would like more of and the answer will probably be “time.” With that i mind, the Principal of Ben Franklin Elementary co-hosts a podcast, #JustFiveMin with Jay and Nilli, to discuss relevant PD topics in just five minutes. The conversation then continues on Twitter. That’s the kind of innovation teachers can get behind and a shining example of an education Twitter account!  


The Principal of Fulton Middle School in Missouri does a great job of showing the day-to-day life of students and teachers at her campus. From students at the board demonstrating their learnings to teachers engaging with a small group, her followers know the pride the FMS community takes in their work each day.

Education Twitter Accounts: District Administration 


The focus of so many educators is on giving their students a positive school experience. The Area Superintendent in Mansfield, TX shares ideas of how to do just that – make school more enjoyable for students and teachers. 


The Superintendent of Lexington City Schools, Dr. Anitra Wells, uses her platform to highlight the impact of building a school community. From everyday classroom activities to selfies with students at football games, she is a great example of present, thoughtful leadership in the school community.  


In today’s digital world, leaders have to be creative about how they go about connecting with their community. The Superintendent of Lakota School District in Ohio, Matt Miller is a shining example of doing this through social media. Updating multiple times a day about everything from student activities to district updates, he is constantly connected with faculty, students, and their families. 



Leadership development can begin as early as elementary school. At least that is what Superintendent of North Carolina Public Schools, Catherine Truitt will tell you. She shares ideas and inspiration for leadership development at all stages, from elementary students all the way to district administrators.  


Are you a fine arts lover? Then this is the account for you! Superintendent of Ohio’s Sylvania Schools, Dr. Veronica Motley, shares updates about all things in her district. But her followers know she has an affinity for the arts. From student musical performances to pictures of art pieces, her feed is a stream of highlights of the talent from around her district.  

Education Twitter Accounts: K‑12 Districts 


In the face of constantly changing circumstances, schools have to prioritize communication with students and their families. Chicago Public Schools is a great example of that, providing families with timely information and the peace of mind of knowing that an update is always forthcoming.  


As some of you know, LINQ is located in the heart of Wilmington, N.C., and our founder is a former administrator for New Hanover County Schools. To say we’re fans of the district is quite the understatement. So, it should go without saying that we also enjoy their Twitter account! If you’re looking for a place to keep up with all things around K‑12 education in New Hanover County, this account is a must-follow.


Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to technology in education. Nassau County Public Schools uses their platform to highlight students’ learning with the help of technology and is a great example of technology integration not only in the classroom, but district-wide.


Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the one that is meant most for constant communication. Klein ISD is a great example of staying connected throughout the day with parents, students and faculty alike. From highlights about student fine arts events and accomplishments to new episodes from their district podcast, Kleinversations, KISD keeps the conversation with its followers going all day long.  



If you want to know what a day in the life of a student is like, this is the account to follow. Pulaski Community School District posts about everything from classroom learning to athletic events, showcasing students really enjoying their school experience. 


Who better to tell the story of the student experience than students themselves? That’s the philosophy behind Williamson County Schools’ Twitter account. Their feed showcases students providing updates, conducting interviews, and really embodying their roles as future leaders. 

We Tweet About Education, Too!

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Connect with These Education Twitter Accounts in 2022

Despite the challenging circumstances of the last couple of years, leaders have found ways to stay connected and remain positive about the future of education. Connect with leaders just like you who are sharing their ideas about school nutrition, leadership development, innovation, and fostering a positive learning environment. 

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite K‑12 focused Twitter accounts? Please share with us in the comments below.