Unlock Hiring, Retention, and Onboarding Excellence with Technology 

Hiring Webinar

Discover the key insights that shed light on the staffing challenges faced by K‑12 districts and learn how technology can transform your HR processes for the better. Watch our exclusive webinar where we explore the latest reporting on staffing issues and unveil effective strategies to attract, onboard, and retain top talent.

In this webinar, you will understand the significance of the following statistics and how to keep your district from falling victim to these issues:

  • 3 out of 4 K‑12 professionals anticipate a teacher shortage.
  • 70% reported a shortage of non-teaching staff.
  • 49% of schools reported having at least one non-teaching staff vacancy.
  • Employment of school bus drivers has fallen by 14.7%.
  • School custodian employment has fallen by 6%, and teaching assistants by 2.6%.

Stakeholders in education know more than half of teachers plan to leave the profession sooner than expected. Resignations mid-year have also reached unprecedented levels. However, it’s not just about recruiting staff, but also retaining them and investing in programs to ensure their success while preventing burnout. Creating a great employee experience is crucial, and automating the onboarding process can be the starting point.

Join this on-demand webinar as we delve into the findings from our recent K‑12 ERP Survey Report, showcasing the significance of investing in back-office K‑12 technology. While 93% of central office administrators agree that this investment is vital, nearly a quarter have not upgraded their systems in over three years. The post-pandemic landscape demands technological advancements, and 8 in 10 respondents have identified keeping up with technology as critical.

Watch the webinar and position your district at the forefront of staffing success.