Your K-12 Nutrition Toolkit for Back-to-School Success

Powered by LINQ’s Nutrition Survey Report 

Nutrition Back to School Toolkit

Welcome to LINQ’s Nutrition Back-to-School Toolkit, your recipe for K-12 success. Powered by insights from our K-12 Nutrition Survey Report research, this toolkit equips you with everything you need for a strong start to the school year. Packed with a wealth of resources, including clickable checklists, infographics, a KPI reporting template to download, and more, this toolkit covers all aspects of your nutrition program back to school strategy.  

Open it now for resources to help with:  

  • Cost reduction and revenue drivers 
  • Meal applications 
  • Staffing and retention 
  • Simplifying nutrition operations 
  • Verification season preparation  

Dive into an interactive experience that empowers you to unlock the full potential of your K-12 nutrition program.