LINQ introduces new platform to address comprehensive needs of K-12 business operations 

March 28, 2023 | Press Release

Districts and states can access first-of-its-kind K-12 Business Platform to create long-term success and address staff shortages, funding disparities, cybersecurity threats, and increased student meal debt and supply chain issues

WILMINGTON, N.C., March 28, 2023

LINQ, a leading provider of K-12 district business solutions, today announced it has evolved its offerings to support the full operational challenges that schools and districts continue to face post-pandemic, such as limited financial and human capital resources following the end of relief funds, food and staff shortages, and outdated, cumbersome manual systems. The rollout of its comprehensive K-12 Business Platform aims to reduce burdens on K-12 districts, state agencies, CEOs, CIOs, nutrition directors, finance and human resource leaders, and superintendents who oversee key operations and programs that interface with district families, staff and educators.

With LINQ’s K-12 Business Platform, K-12 districts and state agencies have the ability to streamline their business and nutritional operations through a unified platform that optimizes efficiencies and improves integration of digital technologies across services, including finance and payments, nutrition (front and back of the house), and forms and digital automation services. According to Asana’s 2022 Anatomy of Work Global Index, fifty-seven percent (57%) of the work week is lost to menial, repetitive tasks, and office workers use an average of 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

“Districts across the nation, state by state, have been plagued by unprecedented challenges impacting day-to-day business operations,” said Tim Clifford, Executive Chairman at LINQ. “We at LINQ have recognized the need for a foundation and platform that enables actionable real-time insights and operational efficiencies that alleviate those challenges from the nutrition department to the finance department, the state to the district, districts to parents and families, and everywhere in between.”

To better serve districts and improve K-12 business operations, LINQ pursued the strategic acquisition of several notable K-12 software platforms, including Titan and Colyar in 2020, and Alio and Script in 2021. With presence in 37 states and more than 4,400 school districts, LINQ has become a trusted partner to state and district leaders who are charged with the responsibility of managing K-12 district operations.

LINQ helps to bring schools, districts and state agencies into a new era of digital transformation and operational efficiency by providing a secure, single source of truth to manage compliance reporting, streamline workflows, control transactional processes, centralize financial and nutritional management, and make insightful decisions using actionable, real-time data.

LINQ solutions further address school meal program participation and meal debt through increased transparency and automated meal and school fee payments. Families also benefit from easy-to-use digital applications for free and reduced meals and monitor student spending through a single source with convenient 24/7 mobile and browser-based access.

“Some of the greatest challenges educators and district leaders have faced over the last years are the significant inefficiencies and access to real-time insights that can help them better serve and communicate with families,” said Clifford. “Until now there has never been a holistic approach to school business operations management that was designed with the day-to-day lives and responsibilities of K-12 school business staff in mind. K-12 education has evolved and LINQ has evolved to continue to meet the growing needs of our district and state partners.”

Founded by K-12 education professionals, LINQ has long been known for its financial management and school nutrition management solutions. The move to address full business and operational challenges will allow districts to make the most of their time and resources to ensure the needs of students, educators, and their communities are met.