Prepare to Grow Your K‑12 Business Efficiency With School Digital Forms

Learn how to use technology and digital school forms to your advantage to grow your K‑12 business efficiency.

Woman growing business efficiency with digital forms

With the new school year upon us, your K‑12 business efficiency is more important than ever. Imagine all of the manual tasks you and your team do daily. Think of the time spent on redundancies and digging around old files trying to find just the right one. Relive those moments when you have to hunt down students and their guardians for a signature or missed field on a school form. Now imagine that it can all be done for you in just a few mouse clicks. 

Technology That Increases K‑12 Business Efficiency 

Technology as an Extension of Your Team 

Staffing shortages are still ongoing, but the work of central office must continue. While it can be tempting to divide the responsibilities of that empty desk chair amongst your existing team, that is a quick route to burnout and inefficiency. Instead of sending someone on a wild goose chase to get a signature or spend precious time updating a paper form, the right technology can automate the process. The right digital solutions can act as an extension of your team, picking up the slack when there is a vacancy or a temporary absence. 

Ensure Your Team Doesn’t Fall Behind

There is no shortage of work in your school district, but the start of a new school year is especially busy. Student enrollment, new employee onboarding, and staffing allocations mean there are more forms to distribute and collect than at any other point in the year. (Except, of course, the end of the year, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

It can be easy for your team to fall behind on ensuring those forms are properly filled out and returned. This is especially true if your district is still using hard copies of documents that can easily be stored, distributed and even collected digitally. School digital forms offer greater benefits than just saving paper, money and office space. Using digital forms, your team can ensure that the forms they receive are filled out properly. This eliminates the valuable time they would normally take to hunt down signatures and missed fields. Now, that’s a digital solution that you can grow with!

Streamline Outdated Processes

Digital solutions will bring your K‑12 business efficiency to new levels. For example, student enrollment is the key to acquiring funding for your district. How much better would it be to collect that information digitally, rather than sending paper forms through interoffice correspondence? Using automated technology, you can even route your forms to all of the necessary personnel who needs to review and/or sign it . Then, receive it back only when it’s completely filled. Streamlining outdated processes gives your team valuable time back. They can then focus on maximizing their efforts in areas that will move the needle on your district’s goals for this school year. 

Plant the Future of Your District With Digital Solutions 

Preparing your district for success in the new school year doesn’t have to be so stressful. By using the right digital solutions, you can expand the output from your team, streamline outdated processes, and ensure your team doesn’t fall behind. 

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