Get a Participation Super Boost This National School Breakfast Week 2022

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” 

That saying, the one we’ve all heard a million times since we were kids, is what prompted Congress to establish the National School Breakfast Program in 1975. As adults, we just eat whatever we can get our hands on as we’re speed-walking and nudging our kids out the door.

Programs like this one, however, teach the habit of fueling your body and your mind first thing in the morning. That way, you’re ready for whatever comes your way during the day. 

National School Breakfast (NSBW) was created as a way to celebrate the program and get more kids to participate. 

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This year, the theme for NSBW is Take Off with School Breakfast. Each year, the School Nutrition Association provides districts with marketing materials to promote the week-long event and help increase participation.

This year’s promotional materials were inspired by actual student artwork. What better way to celebrate the week than displaying student talent and creativity? Materials are even available in English and in Spanish!

This is how we breakfast National School Breakfast Week NSBW

Is Breakfast Really THAT Important?

Better grades, higher test scores, greater energy: these are just a few of the benefits that children who eat breakfast experience. Learning is hard work! Kids who eat breakfast have greater performance on challenging mental tasks (hello, math word problems!) and a better reaction to frustration.

With a full tummy and fueled brain, students are more prepared overall for the strenuous mental work they have to do throughout the day. In addition, it’s simply more important than ever to support your child nutrition programs.

Fun Ways to Encourage Participation During National School Breakfast Week

We are still living in often stressful and highly uncertain times, and that can sometimes mean that celebrations can be set aside in favor of more important things. But now is when we need celebrations more than ever! Here are some ideas to increase participation in NSBW22: 

Create a grade level contest.

Who doesn’t love a good, friendly competition? Announce that whichever grade level has the greatest participation will get a prize. Breakfast for lunch, extra-long recess, or free dress for a week are all great ideas. (Especially if your students attend a school where uniforms are required. Free dress is gold!) 

Get teachers excited, too!

Dangle recess duty coverage for a week, an hour-long catered lunch, or even a week-long jean pass in front of your teachers and watch them work their magic. You know teachers will do anything to rock their jeans!

Costumes? Yes, Please!

Set dress days for the week that follow the theme of “Taking Off.” Think Astronaut Day, Dress up As Your Favorite Fruit, Wear Your Favorite (weapon-free) Super Hero Gear. Just the idea of getting dressed up for school will get students, parents, and even teachers more involved.

In fact, we love the spirit week that School City of Hammond (directed by one of our very own Lunchroom Rockstars) is doing to celebrate!

School City of Hammond has events daily to celebrate National School Breakfast Week.

Increase Participation During National School Breakfast Week 2022

National School Breakfast Week is a fun way to educate students about the importance of fueling their body for the day ahead. It’s also an opportunity to get more students to participate in the National School Breakfast Program, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get your highest participation to date!

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