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Student Registration Built for K-12 Districts

Achieve peace of mind with a dynamic, all-in-one solution for school enrollment and forms easy for anyone to use.

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From student enrollment to athletic forms, do it all from one, easy-to-use portal.

Easy, Anytime Editing Families and administrators can access and update form information 24/7/365 - not only during specified time periods.
Cleaner Data Get clean data, including addresses, the first time with built-in validation that ensures information delivered to your SIS is accurate.
Direct SIS Integrations Eliminate the need for double entry entirely. Form fields are pre-filled using direct integrations with PowerSchool and DASL.
Intuitive Platform Save time and ramp up productivity with a clean, easy-to-use platform that allows you to build forms using drag-and-drop functionality.
Engage Families Keep district families in the loop about missing documents or send bulk messages about upcoming registrations.

Finally. A single platform for student enrollment that's as simple for Registrars as it is for families.

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