6 Reasons Online Registration is the Answer to K-12 Enrollment

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The window for K-12 enrollment is very small. Yet, it’s a process for which administrators prepare for year-around. To create a successful school year, you need quick, clean and reliable data.

No matter how early you kick off the enrollment process, it seems like every year there is a last-minute sprint to the finish line causing utter chaos for your team and the parents. This leads to missing forms, incorrect information, and overworked staff.

The experience is stressful and inefficient for all parties involved. Once again, you’re left in the dark without the data you need until it’s rectified and manually input into your system by hand.

That’s why districts nationwide are switching to online registration. Online K-12 enrollment digitizes paper forms, collecting all the information you need while streamlining the data in an organized, secure database.

Here are six ways online registration optimizes the enrollment process and makes for a better experience for families and your team.

Online Registration is faster. Way faster.

Did you know that filling out digital forms is 40% faster than paper forms? It’s true! Forms that include auto-populated fields, drop-down lists, and validation checks help the user input the correct information the first time. 

If districts provide a quick and painless registration process, parents will enroll their child earlier, especially since online registration is so accessible. They can access open enrollment on any web or mobile device using the internet. That means you get results sooner than you would with manual registrations. 

Families become engaged sooner and with ease.

Another notable benefit: once parents have a login to your system, you can send them automatic reminders to update student records any time. When students are registered once, you can use your reporting dashboard to trigger a reminder to update student information for the following year. 

You can also keep parents informed of special announcements or provide them with a way to schedule an appointment with you. This is a valuable tool for open K-12 enrollment; It streamlines the enrollment process for returning students while also keeping families informed.

It also provides parents the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with you or your team if they need more assistance.

You get your hands on data earlier and in real-time.

Faster online registration means you get the valuable data you need early so you can put on your forecasting hat and start planning. You also get the information in real-time.

Manual forms guarantee you’ll receive monstrous stacks of paper from parents on the last day. This leaves you with zero insight until after enrollment closes.

With online registration, the data is more accessible too. All the information is in the cloud, stored safely in the exact organizational structure you prefer. No more digging through file cabinets, all you need is internet access and your password. 

Online K-12 enrollment is a major resource saver.

Moving registration online will reduce supply costs when on paper, printing and postage. In fact, 84% of organizations that go paperless see a return on investment in less than 18 months.

It’s great for the environment too, and more than half of consumers prefer to support environmentally conscious organizations. 

Perhaps the greatest way online registration saves resources is with administrative costs. Administrators no longer manually input data into your system from paper forms. This cuts down on time spent correcting errors at a later time.

Online registration is tailored to your audience.

When you implement an online registration solution, it’s tailored to your district and audience.

With online registration platforms like LINQ Registration, you can build custom forms online including the fields you select. Providing clear instructions upfront and continuously updating your forms to be organized and easy to understand will increase the likelihood that they’ll be submitted correctly the first time. 

Online registration forms are also much more inclusive. They have customizable drop-down fields with multilingual options. Parents can select the language they’re most comfortable with upfront and once submitted, administrators can translate the information back to English or the language they prefer.

Student data is more secure.

Manual registration opens you up to endless vulnerabilities. Paperwork often changes hands multiple times. Students may leave forms where they shouldn’t, or lose them altogether. Stacks of forms that include sensitive information are a major security hazard and should be avoided.

Online enrollment eliminates paper altogether.

Many platforms offer online payment collection, too. Online registration keeps student and payment information safe behind secure systems that only authorized personnel can access.

Wrapping Up

Online registration has eliminated the need for outdated paper forms for K-12 enrollment, and for good reason. There are very clear benefits to incorporating online enrollment: accurate data, cost savings, increased security, and control over your district’s data. The list goes on and on. 

If you’re looking for happier parents and staff and faster results with enhanced insight into your data, digitizing paper forms is the solution you’ve been looking for. Make this the year you go paperless and enjoy a stress-free K-12 enrollment period. 

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