The Inside Scoop to a Seamless K-12 Student Registration Season

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Just as summer melts away, so does another year of K-12 student registration. You may hear yourself say things like, “whew” or “thank goodness that’s over”. If so, rest assured, you are not alone. Every year, school administrators and IT directors find themselves counting down the days until the end of the August and September student registration season.

But, why the headache (or brain freeze)?

Sit back, take a deep breath, and grab yourself an ice cream cone. We’re getting straight to the pint (I mean, point) and breaking down the recipe to a successful school registration season.

Skip the Rocky Road and Make a Good First Impression with Online K-12 Student Registration

For new parents, registering a child for the upcoming year is often their first point of contact with the school. It’s important that parents encounter a K-12 student registration system that has a user-friendly interface with intuitive features. Their registration experience should be easy. It definitely shouldn’t be harder than choosing an eccentric ice cream flavor at the trendy parlor down the street.

Outdated technology leaves parents frustrated, and administrators gain a backlog of registration inquiries that require their time and attention. Having the right technology, such as LINQ Registration, gives parents the power to complete their child’s registration online, including the ability to upload any supporting documents with ease (we promise, it’s easier than going non-dairy!).

Ice Cream, You Scream, Parents Scream for…Mobile Accessibility

It’s mission critical that you use a mobile-optimized registration system. According to the website V12 Data, 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels. This means, many parents expect to have the same experience registering their child on a mobile device as they would on a desktop computer.

What does this mean for your administration? Run a check to ensure the forms in your registration system are mobile friendly. LINQ Registration is a great option because it is backed by a team of developers. They ensure the registration portal is mobile friendly and easy to manage, especially for parents.

Chill Out with Time-Saving Automatic Reminders

Keeping up with deadlines and notifying parents of upcoming submission windows can be time consuming and tedious. If you still send manual reminders to parents, look for a system  that includes communication features.

Convenient features include notifications about missing documents and bulk messaging options to notify district parents about upcoming registrations. Handy reminders keep families engaged and decreases complaints. Don’t freeze up when choosing a new platform! LINQ Registration is a great example of a system that can electronically route documents and forms to parents, saving you time along the way.

Top it off with Clean Data and a Sprinkle of SIS Integration

Using an enrollment system that does not properly sync is challenging for staff and can be frustrating for parents. Some registration systems lack syncing capabilities, resulting in additional steps for both parties. This often leads to incomplete data, which can slow down reporting and even impact state funding.

Built-in validation ensures that information delivered to your SIS is accurate with a system like LINQ Registration. This results in cleaner data and eliminates the need for double entry entirely. Finally, no need to have Breyer’s remorse; direct integrations with PowerSchool and DASL pre-fill forms for you!

In Cone-clusion

Finding the right K-12 registration solution can be tricky, but there are specific features that can help guide you to make the right decision. Don’t let another year float you by. This is a great time to look into upgrading to a more robust student registration solution. By considering an upgrade now, you may be saving yourself (gelato) time and money before next year’s registration season.

LINQ Registration is a great option for districts looking to achieve peace of mind with a dynamic, all-in-one solution for school enrollment and forms. As mentioned, LINQ Registration gives you cleaner data, direct SIS integrations, an intuitive platform, and automatic reminders for better parent engagement. If you want to learn more, schedule a demo with a LINQ Team member today. It’ll be legendairy!

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