How a Paperless School Environment Can Help Your Students

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Not only are there plenty of benefits for a school going paperless, but students can also benefit from a more digitized school experience. Here are some of the ways that students can benefit from a paperless school:

Improving Computer Literacy

Going paperless compels the students to become more computer literate. Rather than students writing out all of their notes on paper, they can type them, ultimately saving both paper and time. 

It also becomes easier to delete and rewrite assignments without having to erase or completely start over on a new sheet of paper. One of the great features of using a computer for school is being able to utilize the spell checker tool, which also points out grammar mistakes.

Preparation for State Exams 

There are some exams where a paperless format would be much more suitable, such as an English or liberal arts exam.

With certain exams, students have to write out long answers or essays all by hand. When it comes time to review what they wrote and then go back to fix any spelling or grammar errors, they often have to either cross things out or squeeze words in. This, of course, can become quite an inconvenience and may even have an effect on their final score. Taking their exams digitally can avoid all of these problems. 

In addition, many state exams are transitioning to an online format, as well as college entrance exams and professional certification exams. Having experience with digital tests throughout their K-12 school experience can prepare them for success through college and beyond. 

Students Can Track Their Own Progress

School reports and test scores could be gamified if they were digital. A student could easily look up all of their scores and access their present and past report cards. They can even track their current status in classes by seeing visual representations of their progress and performance. 

This can benefit students by helping them understand how they are performing in class, and provides them an opportunity for self-evaluation. This is a skill that they will be able to use for the rest of their life, whether in a professional or personal setting, where they are able to analyze a situation and create a plan to improve it.

Ensure Parent Involvement in Their Academic Progress

Wouldn’t it be great if you could confirm that parents have seen their student’s report card? By going paperless, parents can receive updates about grading, request conferences, and even send messages similar to emails. This is not just a benefit for them, but it shows their students that they are actively involved in their education, making their academic success more likely. If students know that the adults in their life care about how they are doing, they are more likely to care as well.  

A Paperless School Can Use Digital Forms and Slips

In the past, a student would be sent home with a letter or permission slip that had to be signed and returned. This, as you can imagine, would cause issues such as the child losing the paper or the teacher having trouble keeping track of every slip. 

Now, the parent can receive digital forms, where they can both digitally sign and return them in just seconds. This relieves the student of some of that responsibility so that they can focus on other things, like double checking those assignments. 

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