Video Series: Carol Weekly’s Highlights from SNIC 21

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Carol Weekly, the VP of Nutrition Services here at LINQ had the distinct honor of acting as Co-Chair for the 2021 School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC 21) where she helped facilitate panel discussions and even chimed in with ideas of her own.

In an interview prior to the conference, she noted that SNIC happens to be her favorite SNA event.

I absolutely LOVE SNA conferences, and SNIC has been a favorite for years. While the keynote speakers and breakout sessions are always on point, it’s the networking and catching up with old friends that is my absolute favorite. 

With SNIC 21 officially in our rearview, we hated the thought of losing that inspiring momentum. So, we’re sharing a video series of Carol’s favorite highlights or takeaways from days one and two of the event.

SNIC 21: Carol Weekly’s Takeaways from Day 1

The first day of any event is so exciting, and day one of SNIC 21 was no different. Here are the three, key takeaways Carol had from day one of the event.

#1 Self-Care is vital.

Self-care is important for everyone, but as Carol noted, it’s especially essential for those in a leadership role.

“As a leader, it’s really important that you remember to take care of yourself because it is almost impossible to take care of others,” Carol said.

#2 Remember to play!

In the video, Carol says, “(We need to) remember to remove ourselves from what we’re doing and find ways to add some more life into it.

“So, one big takeaway was the game day. I thought that was awesome. The 40-minutes to to spend with your team, not talking about work, not talking about anything, just having fun and playing games.”

#3 Lee Rubin’s 5 C’s of Extraordinary Teams

For this year’s keynote on day one, Lee Rubin did not disappoint. Many attendees, including Carol, found his 5 Components of Extraordinary Teams engaging and motivational.

SNIC 21: Carol Weekly’s Takeaways from Day 2

Another day, another takeaway video! In this one, Carol highlights some of her favorite ideas from day two of SNIC 21.

#1 Remote is the new normal.

Carol agrees with other operators that the new normal of remote gatherings is here to stay.

“A lot of those in-person meetings and engagements that we thought had to be done in person…can still be done and done well virtually. So, in listening to a lot of operators, both industry and on the school side, that’s one of those trends that will more than likely not go away, ” Carol notes in the video.

#2 Stronger Community Connections

The year 2020 was unlike any other. Carol noticed how operators and food service team members are stepping up to better serve their communities and to collaborate with other industry professionals.

“It was really great to hear (about) the community connections that have developed from this awful pandemic,” Carol said.

#3 The Judo Flip

Sara Frasca, the keynote speaker for day two of SNIC 21, left a lasting impression when she introduced her concept of The Judo Flip. The idea really resonated with Carol, too!

“When you’re about to do something the way you’ve always done it, turn it on its head! Turn it upside down and find a new way to approach it,” Carol said.

#4 Fall Seven, Stand Eight

“We need to rise up from our challenges. So, if we happen to fall, then we need to get up the eighth time and dust ourselves off. In the long run, we’re going to be much better for it,” Carol concluded.

LINQ VP of Nutrition Services Carol Weekly Chats About School Nutrition

In this blog post, Carol Weekly answers questions about her career in school nutrition and discusses SNIC 2021.

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