Video: School Nutrition Challenges and Wins with Carol Weekly and Danielle Bock

Fireside Chat with Carol Weekly and Danielle Bock of Greeley-Evans District 6 school nutrition

Like so many districts, the school nutrition team at Greeley-Evans District 6 faced endless challenges and constant pivoting during the pandemic. The Greeley-Evans team found it tough to balance varied learning environments, difficult staffing changes, decreased participation, and safety concerns. All of that added up to financial strife and constant trial and error.

Danielle Bock, Director of Nutrition Services at Greeley-Evans, continues to experience these struggles every day. And yet, her gratitude toward her team and School Nutrition Professionals across the nation continues to grow.

“I give credit to the people around me. They are the reason we’ve been able to achieve so many pivots. It is 100% because my department is filled with the hardest working individuals I have ever encountered in my life.

Every day presents a new challenge for Danielle and her school nutrition team. “[We have] to find the kid, feed the kid, then replenish the stores. And that’s all stores, right? Not even just the food stores, but the mental stores.”

Despite the challenges with the current serving environment, the Greeley-Evans District 6 school nutrition department keeps going. They continue to serve breakfast, lunch, after-school at-risk dinner, snacks, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Watch below as Danielle chats with VP of Nutrition, Carol Weekly, on the challenges her team faced head on during the pandemic. Plus, she explains how crucial flexible, cloud-based nutrition management solutions are to the success of their school nutrition program.

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