Switching POS Software Saved this School District 8-10 Hours a Week

LINQ POS saves the Beaumont USD school nutrition department 8-10 hours of administrative work a week.

For many school nutrition departments collecting daily financial information from each school site’s point of sale (POS) systems to a single report can be extremely time-consuming. Beaumont Unified School District (USD) in Beaumont, CA was no exception to this struggle. With 10 school cafeterias, their 57 staff members serve approximately 5,000 students daily. In the 2013-2014 school year, they served over 640,000 breakfasts and 846,000 lunches. 


Each day the cafeteria managers at all of the schools had to email and print reports from each point of sale for the district. Their reports were lacking information to reconcile the daily and monthly numbers that were needed. Because of this, they were forced to create their own spreadsheets manually to meet their requirements.

The district leaders at Beaumont USD’s Nutrition Department knew they needed a more efficient system that would help reduce manual errors. They needed a single, centralized database so that all data– not just point of sale data– could be shared between school sites. They also needed to be able to pull reports with all of their data requirements, including accountability of cash handling and financial information. This led Beaumont USD to consider LINQ Nutrition’s Point of Sale System

Results with LINQ Nutrition POS

Kristi Casey, Bookkeeper II for the Child Nutrition Department, led the LINQ Nutrition implementation and continues to be the district’s go-to LINQ Nutrition expert. 

Casey explained why she enjoys working with LINQ Nutrition so much.

“LINQ Nutrition is continuously improving its system. Just when you think it can’t possibly improve the system anymore, they add something to make it easier,” Casey said. 

Not only do the robust reports contain all of the data they need, but they are also easily shareable within the district. District staff have saved approximately 8-10 hours per week of manual labor. That means they can now focus on the most important things – like serving the students!

If your daily reporting process is not working for you anymore due to time constraints, an integrated point of sale system may be right for you. With information communicating from the point of sales at each of your school sites to the central district database in real-time, you can save hours of labor. 

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